Bat Repairs and Services

Is your bat damaged and in need of repair? Does an old favourite need a bit of TLC? Do you have a new bat that needs knocking in?

BBC can refurb an old bat, repair a damaged one, re-handle and re-grip a bat, or simply knock-in a new bat you don't have time to yourself.

During the refurb process, we strip all bat stickers, tape and facing sheets in order to inspect the blade, toe and handle. Damage is repaired using quality wood adhesive. Once dry, a full sanding of the blade takes place to produce a smooth surface ready for polishing. When finished, we re-sticker with our ReVamp labels (or brand of your choice) and apply a new grip. Extra grips can be applied at a cost of £5 per grip (please note: many brands don't supply labels to third parties).

Our full list of repairs and services, and their prices are below.


Please email us if you would like a repair or refurbishment, please add any pictures as this will help too!


Standard full bat refurbishment

Standard full bat refurbishment & branded stickers

Weight Reduction


Full knocking in service

£25 (+£5 for extra grip)

£25 (+£5 for extra grip)

£30 (+£5 for extra grip)

£50 (+£5 for extra grip)

£55 (+£5 for extra grip)




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